100 Days of Happiness — Social Media Challenge!

Need some positive vibes in your life? 

You’re not alone. I’m constantly scrolling down my social media timelines, seeing so much negativity. I came across a post with the hashtag #100HappyDays and immediately checked it out. 

What I found was incredible! It was like a mini-movement of people posting positive, happy pictures. — Yes, they do exist… 

So What’s the Challenge? 

Each day for the next 100 days, post a picture on social media of something that genuinely has made you happy. Maybe it’s your children, your spouse, outfit, yard or simply the sunshine… the point is to bring happiness into your day! Can you imagine your spirits being lifted each and every day? 

With over 22 million #100happydays photos found on Instagram, this is a popular challenge and I’m 100% game… are you? I’m starting now, so let’s see those #100happydays photos! 

What do you think about the #100HappyDays challenge? Are any of your friends doing it? — If not, share this post and send them this way to encourage everyone on your friends list to partake in the challenge. This will take your newsfeed to a whole new level… for the better! 


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