Darling VoxBox Review!

Before I get into the good stuff there’s this app that I found online called Influensterwhere you share your reviews on products you’ve tried and you get entered into campaigns to test out products for free! — Pretty sweet eh? 

So I dove right in reviewing my favorite products! You get badges for various product groups and when you link your social media accounts you receive an impact score! The higher your score and the more products you review, the higher your chance of receiving one of their amazingly free product tester boxes! 

Check out what I received in my May #DarlingVoxBox! This one was just for mom’s with some super nice products: 

What’s Inside?? 

*Nails by Jamberry.

Calling all Beach Babes!

This Surf’s Up! Texture Spray by Eva NYC is a weightless spray that adds instant volume, builds lasting texture and creates those famous beachy waves. 

My Review: 

Pros: The smell is absolutely incredible!! It has a coconut/mixed berries scent and the smell actually lasts all day! 

Cons: It left my hair feeling very very dry and honestly didn’t create any more wave or texture to my hair than I have already. 

Perfect Size For One!

These sweet, easy Duncan Hines Perfect For One treats are available in 18 various flavors! All you need is a mug, cake mix pouch, water and your microwave. 

My Review:

Pros: I tried the Chocolate Lovers flavor and it was very yummy! I love how quick, easy and mess-free it was to make (ready in 1 minute) and the fact that you don’t need to bake a whole cake to indulge in a little sweetness. The price is great for a box of 4 at just $2.50! 

Cons: It was just a tad bit dry; however, if you go on their website, they have TONS of recipes you can mix into your treat for added flavor! 

Bath Time Fun!

I received both the lotion and baby wash by Live Clean in my #DarlingVoxBox! Its organic blends of chamomile and lavender with aloe to gently moisturize delicate skin. The tearless shampoo and wash gently cleanses leaving baby’s hair and skin feeling soft.

My Review:

Pros: This is by far THE BEST baby lotion and wash I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot)! The smell is absolutely incredible, the price is very affordable and the sizes of the bottles are very generous. The lotion will last for months as a little bit goes a long ways. Both of my little ones have eczema, and this is the only formula I’ve found that doesn’t dry out their skin! — HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE!! (Also, they are both hypoallergenic and 98% plant-derived) 

Cons: I honestly don’t have any complaints! I wasn’t able to find their products at Walmart or Target, but Amazon is usually my go-to anyway for these kinds of products! 

*Nails by Jamberry.

Kick of Energy!

These Nature’s Bounty Energy Gummies contain 250 mcg of B-12 along with a unique blend of herbs. B-12 is great for energy production, your mood, memory, heart, hair, skin and so much more! 

My Review:

Pros: I received the watermelon flavor and they are sooooo yummy!! Each container includes 60 gummies to last you all month. I’m a huge fan of Nature’s Bounty products since I’m still breastfeeding (doc approved), so these are a wonderful way to get some healthy vitamins in…

Cons: I honestly didn’t feel any difference in my energy levels, but I am sure my body benefited from these delicious vitamins! 

Butterly Delicious! 

This Country Crock spread is a good source of both Calcium and Vitamin D. It’s perfect for toast, veggies, cooking and yummy baking! I received a FREE coupon in my #DarlingVoxBox from Influenster for this spread… 

My Review: 

Pros: My family has been using Country Crock for years and years!! It has a great buttery taste, but isn’t over the top like a few others. It also melts very well for baking and yummy popcorn! Their website also has a ton of amazing recipes you can save and try at a later date. 

Cons: It’s a bit more expensive than several other competitor brands. 

So what did you think? Do you see any products you’d like to try?? 

Would you like to become a product tester for Influenster? Here’s my link to join, share your review and enter campaigns like this one: TRY INFLUENSTER HERE!!!


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