Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Wondering what to gift the special lady in your life? Mother’s Day is Sunday folks so it’s crunch time to find the most meaningful gift for such a wonderful superwoman… 

No worries, I’m here to save the day! Check out my super nice (and thoughtful) gift guide to help you make her day special: 

#1: But First Coffee.

Every mama might not love coffee as much as I do (who am I kidding?) but a super chic coffee mug is such an inexpensive gift that she’ll hang on to forever! I found this adorable MOM mug at the Dollar Tree $1! 

Stuff her favorite candies or even a Starbucks Gift Card inside and she now has her hug in a mug, thanks to you! 

#2: Adult Coloring Books are Totally In!

Have you heard the hype? Who doesn’t love to color (and I’m not talking about Elmo & princesses)?  There’s something about coloring that’s so therapeutic. Coloring has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness and not to mention… will give mom a little r&r that she desperately needs!

 So grab some colored pencils, find a cute coloring book just for her and add in a hand written coupon that says “One Hour of Relaxation!” — Hobby Lobby has 40% off Adult Coloring Books making most just $5 using Promo Code: 02263! 

#3: Pampering.

Pampering can come in all kinds of forms depending on your special lady, but for most… something beautiful, something sweet and something scented always does the trick! 

  • What are her favorite flowers? Stop by your local flower shop and snag a few of her favorite flowers, hand-write (yes, we LOVE the sentimental touch) a card and she’s in love! 
  • What is her favorite sweet treat? Does she love chocolate (what woman doesn’t)? What about a slice of cake or cookies you and the kids make yourself? Again, we LOVE the thought more than the actual gift… 
  • What are her favorite scents? My favorite (pictured above) is Jamberry’s Mother’s Day Indulgence Gift Set! This little set includes 3 glorious scented lotions that will make her feel like a million bucks! Add that hand-written card in and you’re set! 

#4Tickets for Two!

When’s the last time you took your lady out? Just the two of you? 

Why not give her a date night she’ll love?! She’ll love the spontaneity of having a day or evening out with you, away from the kiddos, enjoying quality time together. Be sure to plan a sitter ahead of time, so that’s one less thing she has to worry about… 

#5: Jewelry She’ll Love!

I know, I know… jewelry is always the best gift known for a woman, but let’s get real for a second! You won’t be gifting her just any jewelry… this one will tell a story (her story) that she will hold tight to and wear with pride! Above, I’m wearing my kids’ initials paired with a chic watch! 

Keep Collective is one of my FAVORITE jewelry spots for all things sentimental. You can create unique pieces for her that you can build onto over time (now you have her Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas gifts planned ahead of time). — You’re welcome!

First, you find the base. Do you want to get her a bracelet or a necklace? Then, you find the charms! The possibilities are endless here with birthstones, free engraving and so much more. The best part… everything comes gift packaged already!! #SCORE

I hope I left you with some perfect Mother’s Day gift giving ideas! I’m sure she will love and cherish anything you decide to get her… but DON’T FORGET: 

  • Always include a hand-written Thank You card for her to thank her for all that she does. I’m sure she doesn’t hear it enough and showing your appreciation for her will be the icing on the cake! — Happy Shopping! 

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Photo: Nails By Jamberry.


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