31 Days: Happiness Project

Looking for daily mood boosters? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve decided to create a month-long happiness challenge.  

There are so many reasons to be happy, but let’s face it… things happen every day that can derail our happiness. The point of this project is to focus on one “to do” task each day that will boost your mood and have you enjoying the good life. Let’s take a look: 

1. Buy yourself flowers. This will surely boost your mood for the next few days with a pretty set of fresh flowers on your desk or in your home!

2. Know someone who deserves recognition? Write an open-letter in their honor.

3. Nothing will bring more happiness than simply saying, “hello” to a complete stranger! 

4. Spruce up your workspace. The Target Dollar Spot is one of my favorite places for inexpensive office supplies!

5. Going on a vacation? Have a fun event coming up? Create a countdown and enjoy the anticipation.

6. Pinterest is full of positive affirmations. Share one on FB!

7. What are you grateful for? Write them down.

8. Forget your diet, indulge in your favorite sweet treat today!

9. Morning yoga always sets my day off with positive vibes. My favorite free yoga app is called Asana Rebel.

10. The gift of giving is sure to bring some happiness to your day!

11. Head to bed a little early and get a little quiet reading time in.

12. Feel confident today! Rock your favorite shirt!

13. Share a favorite memory with someone. Reminiscing good times always brings happiness to my day! 

14. It’s Mother’s Day, spoil yourself to a fun makeover, whether it’s a new hair cut/color or a full face of makeup!

15. Box up all of your favorite memories and keep them in a safe place.

16. Head over to Netflix and binge watch a new or favorite show!

17. Why not get dolled up for the day? Not only will it be an instant confidence booster, it will also bring you happiness with all of the compliments you will be receiving.

18. Have you pinned a DIY project recently? Gather your materials and craft it out today!

19. Shopping always brings a woman happiness, am I right? Head to your favorite thrift store to browse and shop the racks.

20. Jam out to your favorite tunes today!

21. Whether it’s wine or a delicious cocktail, treat yourself. 

22. Plan out a trip you’d like to take! Are you going with family or a fun getaway with friends? 

23. Relax and read your favorite magazine.

24. Be adventurous today! 

25. Channel your artistic side with a little nail art. If this isn’t your forte, let me send you some nail wrap samples for free to try! — Use the contact form to send your address for a sample!!

26. Plant a flower today! Not only is this very therapeutic, but also a joy to bring beauty into the world.

27. Have game night tonight with family or invite your girlfriends over for cards!

28. Thinking about my future always brings me happiness. Create a vision board using poster board and magazine cut-outs.

29. Go on a fun picnic today!

30. Enjoy a nice long bath. You deserve it!

31. Reflect on all of the great things that have happened this year. 

“Being happy never goes out of style.” 


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