Spring Bucket List

Spring is near, which means warmer weather, extended sunshine, rainy days and pretty flowers. It’s time to start filling your calendar with fun events and make memories that can be cherished forever…

Follow along, as I share my Spring Bucket List with you:

  • Plant Flowers
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Fly a Kite
  • Feed the Ducks
  • Go on a Hike
  • Play Mini-Golf
  • Dye Easter Eggs
  • Bake & Decorate Cupcakes
  • Collect Insects
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Wash the Car
  • Jump in Puddles
  • Go on a Bike Ride
  • Go to a Carnival
  • Read a Spring Book
  • Shop the Farmer’s Market
  • Go Horseback Riding
  • Attend an Outdoor Concert
  • Start a DIY Project
  • Go Fishing
  • Volunteer
  • Go to a Drive-In
  • Attend a Baseball Game


I love that these are all activities that involve the whole family! Not only will my children have a great time with these activities, but my husband and I will enjoy them as well. Be sure to comment below with your favorite spring activities! Use the hashtag #springbucketlist2017 to share your very own memorable photos and to see mine as well… Have fun!



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