Behind the Scenes

A life filled with coffee and chaos is a life well spent in my honest opinion. Through this cozy platform, I will share with you a small glimpse of my little world. From family and fashion to everyday life and inspirations, I’m utilizing this as my outlet for expression. I hope you subscribe and enjoy the ride.

You see, I’m originally from a small country town in the middle of nowhere. I grew up on a farm with cows, chickens, pigs and about every other animal imaginable. I graduated with less than forty students in my class, where everyone knew everyone and their smallest secrets. After graduation, I moved from a small town with no cell phone reception, to the big city where opportunities were endless.

After the big move, I started working in retail, attending college and following my dreams of empowering women through fashion. I graduated, promoted to management and met my life partner! We have built an incredible relationship together throughout the years and this is where the best in life begins…

Motherhood — I am a step mother to a seriously wonderful, smart, kind and compassionate boy whom I’ve spent the last seven years watching grow into such an inspiring young man, who has blessed my life in so many ways. We made the decision for me to resign from the retail world and stay at home when our daughter was born. Shortly after, we welcomed our stubbornly sweet baby boy into the family. Now, I’m just a mom, working from home empowering women through fashion, being the best wife I can be while living life to the fullest.

Join me on my journey of life, motherhood, fashion and caffeine… don’t forget to subscribe!


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